Our Aims and Objectives

  • To double the fish production of the State in the coming five years
  • Tripling the export of marine, brackish & fresh water fin and shellfishes & other aquatic species from Odisha within five years
  • Generating employment & higher income in the fisheries sector
  • Improving the socio-economic conditions of traditional fisher folk & fish farmers
  • Increasing the per capita availability & consumption of fish to about (ICMR recommodation) 11 kg per annum as against State average of 14.42 Kg/annum at present
  • To acquire self-sufficiency in Inland Sector
  • Conservation of aquatic resources & generic diversity

Our Mandate

  • Optimum utilization of Inland Water Resources for Pisciculture
  • Maximising Utilisation of Brackish Water Resources
  • Harnessing Marine Resources in greater proportion keeping in mind the environmental issues
  • Adapting scientific Technology for enhancing productivity with greater emphasis to private entrepreneurs
  • Improving Professionalism through training/ counselling of major stakeholders involved in Fisheries Sector
  • Forming Cooperative’s and SHGs for community participation and expanding market potential
  • Dissemination of new technology through its extension machinery
  • Providing livelihood support to unemployed youths through Self Employment Programme

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