Success Story

Name of the Farmer: Sri Uma shankar Thakur
Vill: Bijmara, Block: Kalampur
Dist.: Kalahandi, Age-37
Educational qualification: BA

Sri Uma Shankar Thakur having land holding of 12.00 Ac. was solely dependent on paddy culture. As the income was not sufficient he shifted to fodder cultivation & dairy farming & earned recognition from OMFED & Animal Husbandry Department.

He did not stop there & was motivated to take up pisciculture commercially with the active co-operation from the department of fisheries, Kalahandi. He has developed tanks of 2.40 Ha under NMPS & availed subsidy of 4.80 Lakh. He is raising fingerlings & yearlings in his own tanks & therefore not dependent on others. Apart from following modern cultural practices such as using pellet feeds, monitoring water quality regularly, he is also using a mixture of yeast, oil cake & rice bran for high plankton growth. The unique way of giving feeds in a series of buckets helps in effective use of costly feeds. He is also earning from horticultural plantation & a model for integration of dairy, fishery & horticulture activities.

a. Total fish production from the project: 167.00 Qnt.
  Total income:  20.00 lakh
  Expenditure: 5.00 Lakh
  Net Income: 15.00 Lakh
b. Net Income from diary activities: 1.00 Lakh
c. Net Income from Horticultural activities: 0.50Lakh

He has been a role model for educated youths to take up similar enterprise. He is now able to employ 2 persons round the year besides giving part time employment to many.

Sri Uma Shankar Thakur has been awarded for his works, dedication, sincerity in the Biju Birth Centenary celebration at Bhubaneswar.


Name of the Farmer: Sri Sudhansu Panda
Vill: Mingur, Block: Kalampur
Dist.: Kalahandi, Age-40
Educational qualification: +2

Sri Sudhansu Panda having land holding of 18.00 Ac. was earlier engaged in paddy cultivation. He is also involved in cow, sheep & duck rearing. After being motivated by Fisheries department, he was inspired to take up pisciculture commercially. Now he has 5 nos. of tanks having water area of 10.00 Ac. including one rearing pond of 1.00 Ac. making him self-sufficient of quality fish seeds in the form of yearling. He has developed 3.60 Ha water area under NMPS during the tear 2014-15 & availed subsidy of Rs 7.20 Lakh.

Besides following modern cultural practices, his existing practice of culture includes giving DORB & GNOC as feed, manuring RCD & DAP at fifteen days interval & keeping close watch of water quality management & plankton production. His culture practice includes selling the fish above 0.500gm in 5-6 months, thus harvesting two crops in a year.

A nearby village namely Nuagaon houses more than 30 nos. of fishermen who are dependent on this project for selling of fishes round the year to earn their livelihood. Besides four people are employed fully for the whole year.

a. Total production of fish: 175.00 Qnt.
  Gross income: 17.50 lakh
  Expenditure:    5.00 Lakh
  Net Income: 12.50 Lakh
b. Net Income from diary activities: 1.00 Lakh
c. Net Income from Agriculture &Horticultural activities: 1.50Lakh

He is an example as well as inspiration for other farmers to take up pisciculture commercially in Kalampur Block areas.

District Fisheries Officer-Cum-CEO, FFDA, Kalahandi

PISCICULTURE: A Shining Opportunity For Unemployed Youths

Name of the Farmer: Sri Dayanidhi Gadanayak
S/O: Dibakar Gadnayak
Vill: Bangura, Baunsapa, Block: Kamakshyanagar
Educational qualification: B-Tech

Sri Dayanidhi Gadanayak , S/O- Dibakar Gadnayak from Vill- Bangura, Baunsapal of Kamakshyanagar Block  has now been an example in his locality for his success in pisciculture at an age of 26 only. He is a B-Tech Graduate. After completion of his study, He could not be well established due to lack of any satisfied job. But he had not lost his hope. Although he was a qualified person he had more interest in culture practice, which influenced him to go for any agricultural activities. Few years ago he thought of doing some culture by using his ancestral land. He came across the Fishery staff of K. Nagar Block. Being motivated with high income & profitability from pisciculture with low investment, he decided to take up pisciculture as his source of livelihood.

In 2012-13 under the Scheme FFDA he developed a pond of 1.00 Ac water spread area through his own source. According to the suggestion of the block Fishery Officer, he performed the pond management and cultured IMC in it. During the first harvesting he obtained 14 Qtls of production /Ac/year @Rs 60,000/- profit. During 2014-15 he extended the area and developed a tank of 1 Ac. more. In year 2015-16 his tank has been selected under the Demonstration programme for Raising advanced fingerling under RKVY scheme. He has well managed his pond, properly stocked and manured .As a qualified person and todays youth he is very much interested to apply the new techniques and to accept the modernized skills in intensive pisciculture. He has been applying floating pelletised feed for more production and uses aeration appliances for the water quality management and oxygenation. He viewed that he got comparatively higher production from this pelletised feed application & the growth of fish also is in faster rate. His production now reached to 22 Qtl/Ac @ 2.0lakhs of profit per year with an expenditure of 60-80,000/ Ac.

He has employed 4 nos of local people for maintenance of his tanks. Through this fish farming he has purchased more agricultural land, housing plot, one tractor and power tiller. This year he has tried for integration of pisciculture with horticulture & poultry. He has planned for opening of an aquashop at Kamakshyanagar. He is very much interested to do Ornamental pisciculture after undergoing through some skill development training programme where he can acquire the knowledge of manufacturing and handling of aquarium  & culture of  various attractive colored ornamental fish. He also encourages other youths of the locality to adopt pisciculture.


Name of the Farmer: Sri Dhruba Mirdha
Vill : Jamuruda ,G.P: Hirapur
Block: Umerkote, District: Nabarangpur

Sri Dhruba Mirdha a small farmer He is living with his family. Earlier he was cultivating Rice, Maize and some seasonal crops and getting only an apple of return. This was make him so difficult to maintain his family. One day Assistant Fisheries Officer has met him and explained him about the benefit of Aquaculture and let him know about different schemes under Fisheries Department. After getting known to the schemes he has taken interest to have a tank of his own. He applied for excavation of a tank under MGNREGS and 0.40 ha of tank was excavated during 2013-14 through Fisheries Department. During that year he has been trained under FFDA.and started doing Pisciculture. He has stocked the tank with fry from Govt. Farm at Pujariguda and stocked 10,000 fry. Then he has followed all the technology for pisciculture like Manuring, stocking of seed and feeding etc. he has get a fish production of 400 – 500 kg./ acre in 2013-14 and sale the fish to a tune of Rs.30,000- Rs.40,000/-. After getting this amount he has keen to have more production. Now he is stocking with advanced fingerling of 4000-5000 nos. as well as with provision of artificial feed and water management, he is producing fish of 800-900 kg/ acre. He is investing an amount of Rs.40,000/- per annum. After selling of fish he is getting Rs. 80,000 to 90,000/- with a net profit of Rs. 40,000/- to 50,000/-. Apart from this he is also doing horticultural activities by vegetables on the embankment and getting to a tune of Rs.10,000/- per annum. So with this amount now he is very happy and able to maintain his family perfectly and providing good education to his children.

Name of the Farmer: Sri Nitai Kabiraj
Vill : Dangiriguda, Block: Umerkote
District: Nabarangpur

Sri Nitai Kabiraj is a small farmer two acre plant he was doing Agricultural crops and getting a profit which was not sufficient to live a smooth life. One day he came in contact with Assistant Fisheries Officer of the block and got an idea about the benefit of pisciculture and about the FFDA Schemes. Then, he has excavated 0.3 ha. of tank. After that he has undergone training through FFDA of the District about the technology of pisciculture. During the year 2014-15 he has stocked the tank with 7000 fry and with supplementary feeding and good water management he was able to produce 400 to 500 kg of fish from 0.3 ha tank and sale the fish at around Rs.40,000/- . He has invested Rs.20,000/- during in 2014-15. After understanding the actual benefit he has stocked the tank with yearling and provided with artificial feed and good pond preparation. He has stocked 3,000 to 4,000 yearling of 70 to 80 mm. size every year. With technical of Block Officer and District Officer he is now able to produce 600 to 700 kg of fish from 0.30 ha. He is investing around of Rs.30,000/- per annum and sale the fish at Rs.60,000 to 70,000/- with a net profit of Rs.30,000 to 40,000/-. Besides he is also doing horticultrural activities like vegetable on the embankment and getting a profit of 10,000/- per annum.


Name of the Farmer: Sri Uttam Kumar Das
At/Po: Parikhi, Sadar Block
District: Balasore

NFDB assisted an initiative to enhance the interest of pisciculture among fish farmers. Sri Uttam Kumar Das, a Businessman, put an interest towards pisciculture under NFDB scheme. With funding of Rs. 3,85,000/- from bank under NFDB scheme and technical support from District Fisheries Office, Balasore he excavated a pond of area 1.10Acre, where he stocked 4000 no. of yearlings of 50-100gm in the year 2014-2015 .Fishes were fed and monitored regularly by him. After 180 days stocking he started harvesting of table size fish of above 500gm and in the year he harvested 3 tons fish value of 3,60,000/- with net income 3,00000/-. By doing this not only he employed himself but also generated employment for 4 other people by engaging them in his pisciculture.

Name of the Farmer: Sri Rohit Kumar Pradhan
Vill: Anduguda, Kusumendi G.P
Block: Chakapada District: Kandhamal

Kandhamal is the most interior hilly district of Odisha where public of this district mainly giving focus on agriculture and forestry products. Due to unavailability of water resources throughout the year and percolating quality of water, fish production is limited in this district for which public depends from outside sources.
But now in this adverse condition by getting proper technical knowledge and financial support from Fisheries Department, Phulbani, one of our farmers was made a history by producing huge quantity of fish using limited resources. The entire hidden success story is elaborated below

Rohit Kumar Pradhan, son of Jaharlal Pradhan is one of the progressive fish farmer who has created a niche for himself and is a source of inspiration for the others. Today, he is a lease owner of one well-maintained fish pond spread in an area of about 1 .5 ac. from last 3 years. Rohit due to some compelling reasons could not complete his studies and read only upto matric. But today he is earning about Rs 1.5 lakh annually from fish farming alone. He has started scientific fish farming in the year 2014 along with his brother Aswini Kumar Pradhan. He is growing fishes like Rohu, Mrigal and Catla etc in his fish pond. During 1st year, he stocked about 8000 nos. of mixed fingerlings, followed by 6000 and 5000 nos. of mixed fingerlings in the consecutive years. He has received logistics support like training, fish seeds, fish feeds and medicines under Feed based aquaculture, RKVY from Dist. Fisheries Office, Kandhamal, Phulbani. Rohit mainly uses pellet /proteinaceous fish feeds in addition to use of conventional feed mixture such as DRB and GNOC. By adopting this appropriate feed management strategy, he experienced that maximum growth rate of fishes attained and production was near about 1.2 tonnes per ac. Per annum. Rohit demonstrated his culture practices to fellow villagers and encourages them to adopt scientific fish farming instead of wasting time in destructive and unproductive way of life.

He is doing hard work day by day to acquaint himself with the intricacies of scientific fish farming to develop his own tank to increase productivity in order to generate more income. A successful fish farmer like Rohit Pradhan is indeed an inspiration for the people of kandhamal district to be self-employed instead of depending on government jobs alone which are hard to come by these days.


Name of the Farmer: Sri Bimbadhara Pradhan
S/o Bilara Pradhan
Vill: Trahupanga, Block: Raikia
District: Kandhamal

Sri Bimbadhara Pradhan, is a progressive integrated fish farmer studied up to V class. He was cultivating paddy and vegetables for long time. Once he contacted AFO of Raikia block who convinced him to make pisciculture tank to fetch more profit than paddy culture, he was motivated to take up the fish culture. Today, he is a contented man being a proud owner of two well-maintained fish ponds spread in an area of about 0.4 and 0.2 hectare and carried out the carp culture along with banana, brinjal, tomatoes and coriander leaves cultivation on embankment successfully.

After realizing more income in fish culture than paddy cultivation without facing much hardship as he suffered in paddy cultivation, he was interested to take up integrated fish culture in a scientific way. But there was a shortage of fund for starting a fish farm. Then He contacted Asst. fisheries officer, Raikia block to find a way out and was advised to get help from Dist. Fisheries Office, Kandhamal, phulbani. At that time FFDA extended his helping hand to Sri Bimbadhara Pradhan for getting a loan on subsidy based schem from the Bank and he got loan of about 1.40 lakhs from the Bank to start the fish pond development. FFDA Subsidy amount was about 0.70 lakhs. He collected fish fingerlings from Govt. fish farm, OPDC and stocked about 7500 IMCs fingerlings in his farms and started his culture practices in a scientific manner since 2013. He produced on an average 900 Kg. of fish in a year and started to repay his loan. At present he is an owner of 2 ponds. His Annual turnover is almost 1.08 lakhs through sale of fishes and he realized an extra income of Rs. 0.50 lakhs from the sale of vegetables.

After observing his success in integrated fish farming, the neighboring village farmers and rural youths are showing interest in taking up the fish culture. Sri Bimbadhara Pradhan is a true inspiration for others.

Success Story of Sukant Kumar Nayak
Name of the Farmer Sri Sukant Kumar Nayak
Father's Name Sri Karunakar Nayak
Address Vill. Sanabandhakera,  Block: Brahmagiri.
Age 42 years
Educational Qualification B.A.
Contact Number 8895963796
Total Water Area of the Nursery Ac.1.00
No. of Tanks 3 nos.
Year of Establishment 2014-15
Financing  Agency From Own Source
Implementing Agency Dist. Fisheries Office, Puri.
Total Input Cost Rs.50,000/-
Subsidy from RKVY Rs.10,000/-  (2015-16)
Culture Type Raising of Advance Fingerling.
Stocking of Fry 2,00,000 nos.
Production of Advance Fingerlings 80,000
Income from Sale of Advance Fingerlings Rs.2,40,000/-
Income from Horticulture Rs.      5,000/-
Gross Profit Rs. 2,45.000/-
Net Profit Rs. 1,95,000/-
Award & Felicitation Best Fish Farmer Award from ATMA, Puri for2015 And State Fish Farmer Award in 2016 at laxmi narayan pur From Hon. CM, Odisha.

District Fisheries Officer, Puri.



Name of the Farmer: Sri Jadunath Panda
S/o Narayan Panda
Vill: Raipitambar, Po: Mangalpur
G.P: Gopinathpur, Block/P.S: Soro
Aged about 46: years, Graduate in Arts

Sri Jadunath Panda, First was engaged in his own agricultural land and maintained his family with difficulty with an yearly income of about fifty thousand. He first started pisciculture during the year 2009 excavating a new tank having water area 0.12 Ha. and got benefit. Then he excavated two tanks i.e. 0.28ha. water area during the year 2010-11 and 0.90ha. water area during the year 2013-14 and producing 4 ton fish per acre and getting net income Rs. 6,00,000/- per annum. Besides this he has opened an Aquashop and supplying all fisheries critical inputs, feeds, fertilizers, medicines and imparted technical experience to the fish farmers of Khaira, Oupada, Soro block area. Now he is a successful fish farmer and maintaining his family smoothly.

He is now working as a resource person for the Deptt. Imparting technical knowledge to the fish farmers through Aquashop. His contribution is praiseworthy to enhance the fish production in Balasore district.

District Fisheries Officer-cum-CEO, FFDA, Balasore

Name of the Farmer: Sri Sanjay Kumar Mahakud
Vill: Karlapita, G.P: Barapudgia
Block/Dist: Bolangir

Mr Sanjay Kumar Mahakud excavated 03nos of tanks of total water area 1.0ha under the scheme National Mission for Protein Supplement (RKVY). He excavated the tanks through own-source in the year 2012-13. After excavation, he availed subsidy of Rs 60,000/- in first phase as per the guideline of 2012-13.


He under took pisciculture in the year 2013-14.He stocked 7000nos of yearlings, more than 100mm size having combination of Rohu, Catla, Mirgal and Cyprinus Carpio variety. He applied floating feeds (ABIS) as aqua feeds and also GNOC and Rice Bran as feeds with vitamin supplements. He used multiple stocking and multiple harvesting method and thus in the year 2013-14 harvested 51.60 Qntls of fish. After production of more than 5MT of fish, as per the NMPS norms, Sri Makaud availed the rest eligible subsidy of Rs 1,00,000/- during the year 2014-15. In addition to pisciculture he has undertaken papaya plantation in the embankment of the tank and thus increases his income.

Now-a-days, he inspires other youths in his locality to undertake pisciculture to increase their income and thus he has become a Role Model in pisciculture field.


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